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Enriching the lives of Children & Families in Puerto Rico

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Our programs

We focus on the needs of children and families and offer programs in 4 key areas

Nos centramos en las necesidades de los niños y las familias y ofrecemos programas en 4 áreas



Children work as builders and problem-solvers, artists, and tinkerers. Targeted provocations encourage curiosity and exploration in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. We learn to inquire together, hypothesize, observation, experiment, apply our knowledge and to keep trying.



As the antithesis to screen time, nature immersion is based on research that shows that young children benefit socially, emotionally, and physically from interactions with the natural environment. Children explore all aspects of nature in this place-based education program. We spend time planting and harvesting, identifying species, caring for our environment, and developing an appreciation for all things nature. 


Read Time

This program focuses on literacy in all forms.  This program aims to enrich and encourage reading in and out of the home. Children are engaged in all things reading and writing as they participate in interactive storytime programming and activities. We seamlessly incorporate the building blocks of literacy through a fun introduction to phonics, phonemic awareness, letter recognition, and formation built on relationships. We promote bilingualism and provide programming to develop skills in English and Spanish 


Me Time

This program is aimed at self-awareness, self-regulation and healthy habits. Each session includes aspects of mindfulness as we get moving through exercises that improve coordination, balance, and gross-motor skills. Programming is aimed at children and caretakers with an emphasis on setting limits and recognizing unhealthy patterns. We incorporate many techniques including dance, yoga, sports, music, and martial arts.

Affect the lives of children today

Every family deserves access to a diverse range of enriching experiences.

Cada familia puede tener acceso a experiencias enriquecedoras